Hi my name is Terra.
Im a recovering addict.
I’m a mother to some of the most amazing tiny people, cats, and dogs (because they count too).
I’m married to my soul mate, best friend, and spirit animal Chase.
We own a small business in my hometown.
I find joy in Crossfit, advocating for the still suffering addict, loving and supporting women, homeschooling my babies, and eating good food that I didn’t have to actually cook myself.

I’m not the best at writing and posting regularly, but writing nourishes my soul so I write when I can.
Theres a good chance I’ll broach the subjects of politics, and religion, perhaps I’ll drop drop the f-bomb while doing it, who knows…
Love is my Higher Power, and connection is my religion.

I love you guys, thanks for being here and taking the time to read my words ❤